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When the Library is open, please return your books using the self-service terminal located on the ground floor opposite the Library desk.

To return your books using the self-service terminal:

1. Press 'Return' on the touch screen

2. Place your books on the 'Place items here' shelf and the machine will take your books off of your account

3. Press 'Done'

4. You will be asked whether you want to print a receipt listing the books you have just returned.  Select the green tick for yes or the X for no

5. Place your books on the trolley to the left of the self-service machine.


  • You can also use the self-service terminal to check your account to see what items you still have on loan and when they are due back.  Press 'My account' on the touch screen, scan your ID card, and your loans will be displayed.

Certain items cannot be returned using the self-service machine, including DVDs and items that we have borrowed on your behalf from other libraries, in which case please either leave them in the Book Returns box or take them to the Library desk.

Please do not leave your issued items on a trolley without first returning them using the self-service machine as they will remain on your record when they are re-shelved.  If you are in any doubt whether your loans have been taken off of your record, please ask staff at the Library desk.

When the Library is closed, please leave your items in the Book Returns box outside the Library door.
This box will be emptied shortly after the Library opens in the morning, as well as at other times throughout the day, and any items you leave in there will be taken off of your account.

Please ask at the Library desk if you need any help with issuing, renewing or returning your loans.

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